The Shed Moving Process:
Costs and pricing estimates may vary widely depending on the contractor, driver or company you hire to move your shed out off you property.Equipment used varies by location.

Hire a moving company near me to move my shed out of my backyard. How much will it cost and can I get cheap pricing.

Hire a transportation company to transport my shed from my house here. How to Move a Shed

Moving sheds and other types of portable structures is most often a job best completed by an experienced professional. Professional shed movers should operate well-maintained and appropriate shed moving equipment suitable for each specific shed moving work order. There are important safety issues to know and understand prior to any attempt to move a structure. Improper attempts to move a shed can result in non-compliance with local laws, damaged property, serious injury or death.

Specialized Hydraulic Tilt Shed Trailer

Hydraulic tilt trailers are, in most cases, the best and most cost effective shed moving solution. Moving such a large and heavy object can be very dangerous. It is recommended that you hire a professional to ensure the safety of the building structure and people assisting with the transport of the shed or storage building.

Positioning with "Shed Mule"

Specialized moving equipment is made to safely move sheds in and out of position. Sometimes these "shed mules" are used more extensively in places where use of a large trailer may risk damage to landscaping, sprinkler systems, grass, trees, flowers, patios or shrubs. Not taking these important risk factors into consideration may result in extensive damage to these items which may result in expensive repairs and replacement. Professional shed movers are trained to identify potential hazards and reduce the likelihood of an undesirable occurrence.

Final Placement

Final placement of a shed presents a number of issues to consider. Sheds should be placed on stable ground and properly leveled. Placing a shed directly on grass, dirt or other improper types of surfaces can result in damage to the shed due to excessive moisture or other issues, in some cases leading to rot, mold and mildew problems, or discoloration of shed exterior surfaces. Properly skirting a shed and carefully evaluating the local environment and ecology is an important step to identify potential issues, such as rodent or insect infestations. These risks can be mitigated and a trained professional can assist you by providing recommendations and suggestions to help protect your investment in a storage shed.