Shed Moving "Ballpark" Pricing
Costs and pricing estimates may vary widely depending on the contractor, driver or company you hire to move your shed out off you property.Pricing varies widely based on many factors


Shed transfer cost of moving services in my area. Where to Start:

Start by calling a local tow company.

If they can't do it, they may be able to recommend a company that moves sheds.

Typical pricing from a shed moving company is $250 for the first hour, plus $100 per additional hour. The clock starts when they leave their facility and stops when they return to their station. However, pricing varies significantly from company to company and town to town

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Pricing for shed storage site preparation from local contractor. Shed Moving Site Prep

If you are planning to relocate or move a shed onto your property, remember to account for possible site preparation costs. Many people are able to do this themselves at little to no cost. Other people hire a company to make the preparations for them. Whatever route you take, remember that poor site preparation can lead to damage to your shed and possible future expenses that may otherwise be preventable with a little advance planning.

Site Prep Cost Estimates
Adjust accordingly for cost of labour and materials in your area

Site Preparation Estimated Fee
8x10 foot Shed $345
10x10 foot Shed $370
10x12 foot Shed $395
10x14 foot Shed $420
10x16 foot Shed $445
10x18 foot Shed $470
10x20 foot Shed $495
12x16 foot Shed $525
12x18 foot Shed $570
12x20 foot Shed $599
12x22 foot Shed $620
12x24 foot Shed $645

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